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Californian Magic

posted Aug 27, 2010, 1:14 AM by Wiremu Tuhiwai   [ updated Aug 27, 2010, 1:41 AM ]
Finally, Bt5w have returned back ...home.
23 days, numerous In & Out dining, 2 dozen Dr Peppers and a box of Gorilla Munch later we have come back with deep desire to entertain. To inspire. And to rock it harder than 7 Walkers and Further combined. For all of our readers unfamiliar with these staples of Californian Rock culture please google that sh*t :)
Let me start off saying thank you Mike, Dee, Joel, Maddy and Buddy as well as the rest of the many routes and extensions of the Samuels, Shawn families for their imense American hospitality and know - how. Without you all, this trip could not have been possible or so freakin' amazing.
For me the lifestyle of what I experience in the Bay Area and Nevada County was everything I needed. Sun, freedom and answers to those hard knocked questions.
The Improv Classes mixed in with the tourists attractions was exactly what I needed, and could only be described as a 'kick up the ass' for me.
You see I return home, no money, girlfriendless, no car, jobless, nearly homeless, heavy in debt, and yet on a weird transcendal level I am more excited what awaits for me than ever! I can not wait to hit the stage again with Bt5w, WIT or with whoever and whatever will let me be with them. The teachings of KJ and BATS have re-lit a fire deep within the boiler room of my creativity and along with Merrilee the future is only limited by our imagination of what magic we can create.
It is today where my life  begins again. Thank you Josh, Merrilee and my family and my friends here in New Zealand for everything and I am appreciative for your aroha and support.
And thank you to my extended family and international friends that I met over the past month, and can not wait to meet you all again, sooner rather than later.
Thank you the State Of California, I owe you everything. Always in my heart, always on my mind - always missing you.
Bring It On!