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Clowning Around

posted Nov 14, 2010, 2:00 PM by J S
I did Fraser Hooper's clown workshop over the past weekend. It was a really amazing experience. Not only did iI learn more about the physical side of comedy but I also felt that I learned more about the rhythm of comedy.

A lot of clowning is based around the movement and repetition of actions and finding what is funny within the rhythm and then breaking it.

It also made me realise what an important role the clown plays in our society. The clown is a trickster figure. He sees the world in a different way. He is usually an underdog and is funny because he has an authority figure to go against. 

We see the clown on stage, enjoying himself, getting pleasure from being so free, and we are able to experience this vicariously through him. I am amazed that clown could be so healing, it is almost a childlike experience being a clown.

Finally the most fascinating thing I got from the workshop was the releasing of breath concept. Fraser said we breathe roughly on a count of 8 and so releasing the breath at this point (or at any point) will allow the audience to releasing their breath as well (and laughter is usually a breath out).

Tension release, tension release. This is life, this is comedy.