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The Social Network

posted Oct 31, 2010, 3:32 PM by J S
Watching the film "The Social Network" last night really opened my eyes. Justin Timberlakes' line in the film "We used to live in caves, then in houses, now we will live on the Internet" made me realise that our world has fundamentally changed and will never go back.

The character of Mark Zuckerberg is a classic trickster hero. He is not motivated money or advertising and does not want Facebook to becomes a site like MySpace which is sold to the highest bidder. He cares about the dissemination of information, and changing the face of the social landscape we live in. 

Throughout history (mythological and so-called reality) the trickster heroes are the ones which push societies forward. The can do this because they see the world in a different way and do not care about security or salvation. They are not afraid of authority and take huge risks because you it is difficult to threaten someone who is not guided by conventional wisdom of get money, get ahead, get security then die.

Thank you to Mark Zuckerberg and the people of Facebook for connecting the world and pushing us into the next phase of human existence.